How to Repair Water Damage to Carpet

With recent times the home decor has got uplifted with the addition of carpets to the accommodation in general. Be it the commercial space of the residential one, all in and around space gets enhance with those vibrant an intricately woven design of the carpet. It is for the same reason that now they have also become expensive and required special attention when it comes to their cleanliness and maintenance. Adjoining the similar scenario for carpets, the scenarios grow way troublesome when any kind of water damage gets presented to our carpet in accidental scenario.

Carpet damages from water is highly destructive in nature, the water seeps down quick into the carpet fibers and weaken them internally degrading them to high level. There could be various instance of how this damage associated with water happens across. At times, it is the catastrophic flooding, bursting of pipes, leakages etc. which tends to ruin the carpets adversely. There are also times can high moisture content gets captured inside the accommodation leading to create molds and fungus across the carpet surface. Repairing of the carpet is one of the most crucial tasks to take into consideration. Revolving around the series of numerous steps the carpet repair is extensively governed by the professionals who can work in a much-determined way to make the best verse of the damaged carpet.

Replacing the carpet can never be something quite permissible to seek in nature. The high cost associated with the carpet can ruin the entire economic verse as well. The matter of fact is very significant to understand that the carpets which have come across the distress, must be taken into repair as soon as possible. Various factor which underlines the same is to make the time frame to dry up the carpet in highly effective manner. Vital information about the carpet fabric and how considerate the steps to make the carpet get repaired well should also be sought in appropriate manner.
If a carpet has been wet for 72 hours or more, it should be replaced, especially if it has additional layers of padding underneath. Mold can form and spread in as little as 72 hours and can be difficult to clean thoroughly after that time. However, with proper cleaning, a professional water damage restoration company can frequently save carpets. In addition to the aspect of time associated with the wet carpets there are many more other aspects too which must be addressed in appropriate manner to seek the desired results of carpet repair and restoration.

How to repair water damage to carpet

how to repair water damage

Laying emphasis of the repair of the water damaged carpet is both essential yet crucial. One of the most generalized reason for the same could be the risk associated with the water damaged carpet:
• The wooden furniture of personal belonging can easily get affected with the high moisture content nearby.
• Electronic appliance can become vulnerable to accidental misshaping
• Short circuits of electricity issues in and around the accommodation
• Wall and floor can easily attract the moisture and worsen the situation
• Various areas of your home are which are above, around, below, or vice versa on your carpet are adversely impacted with water damage signs Carpet fibers act essentially like a sponge, absorbing water and slowly infiltrating wood, drywall, and other materials around it
Water damage repair is an extensive range of series of steps and procedure which are quite difficult to be carried out with DIY techniques and hence must be done with the help of professionals. Carpet water damage can quickly grow into a bigger problem if action pertaining to it are not being taken instantly or in the shortest time possible. Repairing of the damaged carpet can comprise varies steps which must be taken place diligently. Drop down is the list to all those factors which would contribute altogether to give the desired repair to the carpet:

Find the source of leak

Inspection of the place of concerned must be set equivalent to a better understanding of all time. Looking for the potential sources which could have been possible to make potential leakage in terms of piper of water drains. Care should be taken to have a look onto them and create a space wherein the best of action plan for its repair is being considered. It is the inspection step only which when carried out with many details would also help to carry out the action plan further for a worthwhile repair.

Soak up water with the towel

Secondly, the water should be drained from the carpet as much as possible. One of the most easy and effective way to do this could be by using the cotton towel which when dipped across the water can be used to collect and drain the water effectively. This activity can be carried out multiple times which would allow the water amount to become significantly less and the farthest of restoration process can be carried more effectively.

Use high-powered vacuum

Vacuum has this incredible power to improvise the suction action and pull out all the excess water from the surface of the water. This step from its foremost implementation would make to create a visible difference in the carpet texture. High power herein corresponds to the high voltage suction being created by the vacuum machine which last to create heavy-duty action in repairing the carpet and giving tremendous drying.

Using rice to soak up some water

Sprinkling some handful of rice grains upon the wet surface of the carpet can also be seen to be effective in soaking up the water from the carpet. The rice grain has this powerful tendency to suck up all that extra amount of water content which is being seen to persist on the surface of the carpet. Post keeping the grains spread across for more like about few hours you can easily sweep them off with the help of broom without much hassle.

Shampoo and sanitize

Once the most quantity of water is being dries off from the surface of the carpet, next you can lay emphasis on the cleaning of the carpet in much effective manner. Shampooing the carpet would lead to create a much of look which you have always catered about. This would also make the carpet fibers to become cleansed which deep surface cleaning action. Sanitization of the carpet does have the essential look out here. With water damages the germs propensity tremendous increase within the surface of the carpet because of which the fungal growth and disease-causing micro-organisms increase within the carpet. Sprinkling of boric acid on to the surface of carpet also present to be one of the most readily way to sanitize the bothered carpet.

Use high powered fan

As suggested by the name itself, water damage to any carpet must be repaired by taking into consideration the typical way of drying it properly. Making the use of high-powered fan to dry every nook and corner of the carpet helps to create a powerful suction which could remove al the remaining strand of water from the carpet surface in effective terms. This step must be followed with an inspection session too to make sure that no amount of water s being left behind in the fabric, as even a mere quality of water left can build up to create massive moisture and mold growth issues in the carpet.

Hang carpet outside

Application of the direct sunlight to the carpet surface has always proved to be beneficial with several great effect sit suggests to the carpet. Hanging the carpet outside to address towards the direct sunlight and heat would work in dual action. One to remove any left behind water content present in the carpet and second to remove any germinal growth of micro-organism in the carpet. This would allow to create almost perfect carpet restoration to any client at the time of deliverable.
Other useful tips which can work miraculously to treat the wet carpets would be:
• Moving your furniture every now and then and assuring than no moisture content can grow
• Seamless repair of the carpet, If damaged
• Allow air flow to the carpet by swirling them or manually moving them
• Addition of carpet pads or replacing the previous ones can also prove to be beneficial

Remove the piece that is severely damaged

Depending upon the adversity of carpet damage which has been brought about by the carpet, it is important to remove any of the carpet areas which is damaged completed. This step can also be accompanied by the patching of the damaged carpet area with the new one to create the best outlook for the distressed carpet. Once placing the carpet in the repair and restoration work, this would essentially play a very powerful role to make the carpet get treated well in all sphere for the constructive results.

repair carpet maintenance

Tips for repaired carpet maintenance

• Avoiding carpet mold after water damage
• Once the best of implementation has also done in regard to the repair of the wet carpet, It is also important to have a look onto the fact that few instances of practice must be taken into account to curate maintenance of the carpets:
• Check the sources, and installation of the pipes, faucets properly
• Allow proper cross ventilation across the accommodation, so that no dampening of the area and carpet is being done
• Potential and heavy duty dehumidifies can also be used to vacate any left behind moisture content or water from the surface of the carpet.
• Install appropriate carpet padding to keep the expensive spreads safe and worthy.

Frequently Asked Question

What causes water damage to carpets?

Catastrophic incidents, flooding, water leakage, burst pipes etc. could be one of the most possible reason to present severe damage to the carpet. Because of the intricate weaving of fibers and thread involved in the carpet it is very important to take into consideration the most suitable method of repair in the shortest time available.

Signs of water damage?

Mold growth, green patches on the surface of carpet, rotting of the fiber, blacked carpets, obnoxious odor in and around the carpet areas are few of the symptoms which can work as a potential alarm to know that a water damage has come across the surface of your carpet.

Should carpets be replaced after water damage?

Replacing the carpets and taking up the further steps, all depends upon the viable condition of the carpet. It is mostly in very adverse cases that on should look forward to replacing the carpet when the fibers of the carpet have damaged completely and its nearly impossible to work on them for any good.

Will wet carpet dry on its own?

Probably not, the texture and fabric of the carpets are usually weaver together in a very intricate form of design, because of which when water seeps down int them, they are absorbed into these fibrous threads perhaps, not allowing them to dry on their owe. Rather, the longer moisture content is being captured inside the carpets, more crucial the repair becomes.

How long can carpets stay wet?

It is always suggested that when the carpets meet any kind of water associated damage or distress, one must be prompt enough to take the next viable action. Secondly, in any of the situational association the professional carpet restores generally suggests a time limit of about 6-8 hours and not more than that. The longer the water can stay on the carpet surface, it is hard to tackle the wet carpets effectively.

What are the dangers of wet carpet?

A wet carpet is a quick gainer of immense moisture content in the carpet which not only spoiled the entire carpets but also poses many health hazards to the residents. In other words, a wet carpet can quickly get converted to become breeding house of many micro-organism especially those minute ones which could easily get down into the respiratory tract and cause varied pulmonary problems such as asthma, wheezing and even bronchitis.

How long does it take for mold to grow in wet carpets?

Molds growing across the surface of any cloth or even carpets hardly need that much of the required amount to develop into molds. Once the carpets get in association with water content and attributes, it a quite quick response which is elucidated, and the molds starts to grow in the carpet. It is here only, that the crucial role of appropriate drying and desiccation comes into play.


Having learnt about all those essential attributes which are being required while bringing on the well-being of the carpet surface and working constructively it is indeed known how significant a professional could carry out these activities on positive note. Hobart Clean Masters are one of the pioneers to create a well-established carpet repair to you so that you are never worried with the distress caused to the carpet. Home water damage repair requires quick scheduling as the most we keep the damaged carpet inside the accommodation greater the hassle grows. Fix water damage to the carpet now just be reaching to the expertise of carpet repair and let your worry end right here.