How to Dry And Save a Waterlogged Carpet: Cleaning Tips

Carpets are the best flooring material you can get for your home. They are comfy as well as make your home look so elegant and beautiful. Another best thing about carpets is that they are highly durable and stay intact for a long time if taken care of properly. You need to clean them once in a while to maintain their good looks but there’s one thing that you must keep away from your carpets and that is moisture. Everyone knows that moisture is the worst enemy of your carpets and can damage it to the extent that it becomes irreparable.

A waterlogged carpet is also harmful to your health as it becomes a breeding ground for mould, mildew, fungi, bacteria, etc. These microbes can make you and your family members sick and in some cases, they can cause allergies also. So if there’s a leakage in the pipes behind the walls, leakage in the roof or bathroom then call professionals like Hobart Clean Masters so that they can repair the leakage and help you in getting your carpet cleaned and repaired as well.

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If you are having a wet carpet due to water leakage in your home or any other reasons and want to fix it on your own, then this blog is for your help. Here are some DIY tips that will help you in making your carpet all dried up in no time. You can try these methods at home on your own but somehow if there’s a problem that is out of your hands then you can call for professional carpet cleaning services for the best results.

  • Get rid of excess water: If only your carpet is wet then you can simply start drying your carpet but if your floor is filled with water then the first thing you have to do is get water out of your room using a water pump because more time the carpet stays underwater, the more it will get damaged.

Remove as much water from your carpet as possible. For doing this wet vacuum cleaner is the best equipment. The wet vacuum cleaner will help you remove water much faster but in case you don’t have access to that you can use a dry cloth and use it to suck out water from the carpet and squeeze it into a basket.

  • Absorb the remaining moisture: now after removing excess water, next you need to absorb moisture from the carpet surface. For this, you may use old towels or the best thing for this job is paper towels. They will absorb all the excess water from the surface of the carpet. Lay them on the wet areas and gently press over the carpet to absorb water. Repeat this process until the paper towel stops getting wet.

  • Check your furniture: furniture also gets damaged by moisture so go and remove all the wooden furniture from the room. This will not only save your furniture but also make it easier for you to remove the carpet and dry your room as well as the carpet in a better way.

  • Generate airflow: the airflow will not only dry your carpet and room but also remove the bad odor coming from the wet carpet. Airflow is your best defense against mildew and foul odor. Open all the windows and doors of the room to increase the ventilation in the room and also turn on the fans. Use table fans to focus on the wettest spots in the room and on the carpet.

  • Check and replace the carpet padding: next thing that you should do is check the padding under the carpet. The padding is situated right below the carpet and it makes sure your carpet stays in its place. But due to humidity, it gets damaged and needs to be removed. So check if water has reached it. If not then no problem but if the padding is wet then you have to remove the carpet and then replace the padding with a fresh one. If you don’t replace the padding then there drying your carpet will be of no use.

  • Steam cleaning is imperative: once you have dried your carpet it’s not the end of the cleaning process. You must use a carpet steam cleaner to make sure that the fibers of your carpet are properly cleaned because the moisture will eventually cause mold and mildew inside the fibers of your carpet. The steam will not only cleanse your carpet but also kill all these unwanted microbes and eliminate the chances of any diseases or allergies.

  • Sprinkle baking soda: even after cleaning and vacuuming your wet carpet, you are unable to get rid of that musty smell? No problem, all you need is the baking powder for this problem. Simply sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet and let it stay there for an hour. The particles of baking soda will absorb minute traces of humidity that may be causing the problem and at the same time, it will remove bad odor from the room in no time. After the smell is completely gone, you can remove the baking soda from your carpet simply with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

  • Clean up other surfaces: only drying the carpet won’t make sure that your carpet is safe. You need to clean other surfaces near the carpet as well. Before you fix your carpet to the floor make sure to clean the floor using a floor cleaner so that nothing can affect your carpet from the inside. After that, if your carpet is near the kitchen or bathroom, properly dry the floor before putting the carpet in its place otherwise it will develop a mold in a year or two.
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In many cases, people attempt to clean their waterlogged carpets on their own but don’t know whether it is possible to clean them on their own or not. If the whole carpet has been lying in water for a long time like after a flood, then it can be beyond repair. But sometimes it can be repairable so always call professional carpet cleaners like Hobart Clean Masters so that you can get your carpets cleaned in no time. Hobart Clean Masters is among the fastest-growing carpet cleaners and is known for its superior quality of work. So if you need your carpet cleaning in Hobart then don’t think twice and call Hobart Clean Masters for the job. Once you experience our carpet cleaning services you will never call any other carpet cleaners ever again as we will satisfy you to the fullest and that also at a very reasonable price. So next time when you feel like calling for carpet cleaning then Hobart Clean Masters is the carpet cleaning company that you must get in touch with.