DIY Tips and Tricks for Carpet Repair at Home

Whenever you try to fix a problem on your own, it feels quite difficult at first but once you get the grip on that, you can easily take care of the problem. The same thing goes for carpet repair too. If you don’t know how to fix a damaged carpet then you will keep doing your best and get no results. But if you are provided proper guidance and simple ways to do the job then you will easily make your carpet look first class in no time. In this blog of Hobart Clean Masters, you will learn about some easy carpet repair tips and tricks that will certainly make your carpet repair work easier.

How to repair holes on carpet

This is the most common problem associated with carpets. Carpet can be damaged by fire or torn from in some areas due to one reason or another. These damaged parts can get bigger and take the form of holes in your carpet if you don’t take care of them. So it is important for you to not just place your table or couch over the torn carpet, rather repair it with the help of the DIY carpet repair process mentioned below:

  1. The very first thing to do here is to identify all the open areas of damage as well as the potential areas where carpet can be torn in near future.
  2. After this mark these areas using a market in square or rectangular shapes. You can also draw a circular shape around them but it will become difficult to cut and replace the area that way.
  3. Now before going any further you must see if you have a spare carpet or not. If not then you can remove the carpet from those areas that are out of sight like in wardrobes.
  4. Now you need a very sharp tool, it may be a kitchen knife, craft knife, or a pair of scissors. With the help of this sharp object cleanly cut along the markings previously traced over the carpet.
  5. After this remove the cut-out pieces and trace them carefully over the spare carpet and cut out the patches.
  6. Carefully look at the carpet and place the cut-out pieces in the same direction as the carpet fibers are in. To be sure you have placed it correctly, run your hand over the carpet and if you have done it wrong then you will know it for sure.
  7. At last, when you are convinced that the patch is in place remove it and apply super glue on the padding or a double-sided tape to properly seam the patch in place. For best results place a heavy object over the patch or simply put several books on top of it.
  8. The next day run a comb or brush over the carpet to see any loose threads and cut them with the help of scissors to get the best finishing.

The holes in a carpet can be easily fixed if you follow the above-mentioned steps properly, but in case you are not able to complete the task on your own or feel like you need some help then you can call professionals for a carpet repair service in Hobart.

Wet carpet repair

wet carpet repair

Water is the sworn enemy of your carpets. Humidity can make your carpet not only smell bad but also destroy it in the literal sense. So water damage is the most hazardous for your carpet. If the carpet has been wet for too long or the whole carpet has been submerged underwater, then your only hope is professional carpet repairers. But if only a part of the carpet has been affected by water damage then it becomes controllable for you. Follow the steps mentioned here to restore your damp carpet:

  1. Properly inspect the whole carpet and make sure which part of the carpet has been damaged by water.Once you know which part of the carpet is soggy, start removing the carpet from the ground.
  2. When you remove the carpet, you will see how far you need to remove the carpet as the padding will be damaged due to water. When you start noticing that the padding is not damaged, you need to stop pulling the carpet any further.
  3. Now cut out that piece of carpet with the help of a crafting knife. If the carpet has been severely damaged then completely cut out that part of the carpet but if the carpet is in good condition then you can simply cut one side of the carpet, parallel to the other side of the carpet, along the lining, so that it becomes easier for you to replace carpet padding.
  4. Now the whole padding will be visible to you and you can scrape away all the damaged padding with the help of a floor scraper. In case you have the padding attached to the floor with the help of staples then you need to remove these staples separately.
  5. Make sure all the damp padding is removed or else it will develop mold in the carpet if not removed.
  6. Take measurements of the hollowed-out floor area and cut out the fresh padding to fill that hollowed-outarea. Put the padding in place and staple it to the wooden floor. If you have a concrete floor then use a strong adhesive to fix padding to the floor.
  7. Now, place some seaming wax tape on your padding and place the carpet over the area. Drag a hot iron over the carpet and you will be done. But make sure the carpet was dried out completely before reattaching it.
  8. Run a brush over the area that’s reattached. By doing so all the threads will stick out so that you can cut them out easily and make your carpet tip top.

Or you can simply do this whole process by calling Hobart Clean Masters and getting professional carpet repair services in Hobart.

Rippled and stretched carpet repair     

rippled and stretched carpet repair

Several things can lead to rippled and stretched carpets. In most cases, it happens due to humidity trapped beneath the carpet. You can take care of this problem by following these simple steps:

  1. Take a plier and start making gapson the edges of the carpet. Put your finger in gaps and slowly lift the carpet and remove it from the padding.
  2. Lift it and start pulling it back to let the humidity trapped underneath escape. You can use a drier or blower to make sure the padding is dried up too.
  3. If the padding is not that humid then you need not replace it, but in case the padding is damp then you might have to replace the padding too.
  4. Once you are satisfied that the padding is all good and your carpet is ready to be reattached, put it over the padding.
  5. Now you will notice the sides of the carpet are a bit off or a bit longer due to the stretching. You need to first put some seaming tape over the padding or a strong adhesive on the corners of your carpet padding. Once that is done, place the carpet all over the padding and stretch it with the help of a knee kicker, to align it with the sides of the room.
  6. Put the knee kicker over the edge of your carpet and let the metal teeth of the knee kicker sink in your carpet and then start kicking it with your knee to re-stretch your carpet.
  7. Once the carpet has been reattached take a pair of scissors or cutter to trim away the excess carpets on the edges of the room that are left loose after re-stretching is completed.

These carpet repair tips will help you a lot to take care of your carpet. But still, if you think that you are not getting the desired results then you can always ask for some help from Hobart Clean Masters. Our workers can take care of all the ripples and stretch marks on your carpet without any discomfort.

All types of carpet damage can be taken care of easily if you have proper equipment and material. But in case you don’t have the material and tools required for carpet repair then no need to worry as we are here to solve your problem. At Hobart Clean Masters we have solutions to all your carpet related problems. Our professionals will use the best technique to restore your carpet and make it as good as new. So next time you are looking for carpet repair in Hobart then don’t forget to get in touch with Hobart Clean Masters as we are the leading carpet repair company in Hobart. We serve our customers wholeheartedly and complete the given task in the shortest time possible. So if you are looking for service providers who will save your time as well as money then Hobart Clean Masters should be your first choice.