20 Carpet Cleaning Hacks that you Should Know

Everyone loves to have carpets in their home as they make walking more comfortable as well as provide warmth in the winters. They also make your home look more revealing and elegant. No matter where you are, you can’t deny the fact that carpets are the most important part of home furnishing. But it is tough to maintain them as carpets get dirty very easily. One way or the other, they end up getting dirty, and it is not that easy to clean them every single time.

Carpet cleaning can be a tough job for many people as it takes a long time and a lot of energy to execute this task. No matter the size of the carpet, or type of the carpet, it is not that easy to clean them. That’s the reason why people always keep looking for carpet cleaning hacks and carpet cleaning tricks to get the work done easily. In the pursuit of saving their time, they end up using the wrong methods in the wrong ways and at the end of the day, they regret their choice of cleaning method. That’s why you must always consult professional cleaners like Carpet Cleaning Hobart, to make sure that your carpets are made spot-free in no time.

best way to clean carpet

What is the best way to clean a really dirty carpet?

Although there are a ton of ways to clean your dirty carpets if you don’t know which method to be used under which circumstances, then you may damage the fabric of your carpets. Here are some carpet cleaning solutions mentioned along with the situation where they can be used:

  • Vinegar and water solution: it doesn’t matter how good your carpet is or how durable the fibers are, there will always be dark marks in the doorways and the living room. This happens when the fibers of your carpet id stuck together and get stuck down. For making it right you need to mix 1 cup vinegar with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. Now spray this all over the marks and let it get absorbed. After that all you need to do is take a spoon and run it over the surface of your carpet, this will help in making all the fibers lose easily.
  • Lint roller: sometimes your carpet is not dirty, but it appears to look dirty because of the lint and hair that has accumulated with time in the fibers. Conventional methods like dry cleaning or vacuum cleaning won’t work in this situation. To get rid of the lint and hair, you need to purchase a lint roller and start rolling it all over the surface of the carpet. Slowly, you will notice that all the hair stuck inside the fibers, along with lint start disappearing, but in actual it’s all collecting on the lint roller.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: blood stains are very stubborn even if it’s a fresh one or an old one. To deal with it all you will require is a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. Pour some hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and then add an equal amount of water to it. No need to dilute it if the concentration of the solution is low. If the stain is fresh, then remove the excess blood by blotting. Now spray the solution over it. In a few minutes, you will notice that the stain gets lighter. If the stains are old then you can repeat this after every 15-20 minutes. Repeat this until the stains are no more visible.
  • Mechanical extractor: if your pet or child peed on the carpet or vomited on the carpet then many people will say that cleaning it by the way of dabbing is the best. But it is not. Your best choice is a mechanical extractor as it will suck out all the unwanted liquids from the carpet, unlike the dabbing method in which you will push the liquids further inside the carpet.
  • Borax and essential oils: sometimes the carpet does not look that dirty but it smells awful. In such a situation, you should sprinkle some borax all over the carpet and then let it sit there for an hour. After that with the help of a vacuum cleaner suck away all the borax along with the bad odor. Another way to deal with a bad odor is by spraying essential oil solutions over the carpet. Mix a few drops of your fav. Essential oils in a water spray bottle along with warm water and simply spray it over the carpet.
  • Ice: in case you are wondering how can ice be useful in cleaning carpet, then you will be amazed to know that it could help you in getting rid of chewing gum from carpet. If there’s a piece of gum stuck to your carpet, then you can remove it by placing an ice cube over it. Let the ice cube fully melt away and after that simply pick up the gum and it will come right off the carpet easily, as the ice will solidify the gum.
  • Baking soda: it is very difficult to get rid of oily and greasy substances from your carpets, but it is not that tough if you know the right way to do it. If you have spilled oil on the carpet, then sprinkle baking soda all over the affected area. Make sure you have sprinkled a thick coat of baking soda and leave it for at least half an hour. The baking soda will suck away all the oil and form a crust. Not use a spoon to scrape away the crust and with the help of a vacuum cleaner, do away with what’s left.
  • Rubbing alcohol: once in a while you drop nail paint on your carpet and start panicking. No need to be worried as it could be cleaned easily just with one thing and it’s rubbing alcohol. Firstly, remove all the nail paint using a knife or spoon. After that apply some rubbing alcohol on a white rag and start dabbing the area. Keep doing this till there’s no more paint on the rag as well as carpet.
  • Ironing: this method will come in handy when you have dropped some hot wax or candle wax on your carpet. No other method will give you satisfactory results as the wax is very tough to remove. So firstly scrape away any excess wax from the surface. After that, you need an iron and some tissue paper. Place the tissue paper on the surface and start ironing over it. The iron will melt away all the wax and tissue paper will collect liquified wax. Replace the tissue paper and repeat the process until all the wax is gone.
iron your carpet

What is the easiest and fastest way to clean carpet?

If you want a deep clean then you have to give it a lot of time and effort. But in case you are only looking for a touchup or a fast way to clean your carpets  Carpet Cleaning Hobart has mentioned here are some of the carpet cleaning solutions that can be helpful to you:

  • Lemon and iron: if you have dropped tea or coffee on your beautiful carpet then you need to get started to clean it. Before you do anything take a dry rag and absorb as much liquid as possible. When the carpet is mildly damp, to remove the stain, place a piece of tissue paper over it, and on top of it place thin slices of lemon. After this again put tissue paper over it. Now take iron and place it over the tissue and lemon, let it be there for 5 seconds, and then lift. Repeat this at every 5 seconds gap. After you’ve done this, the stain will be gone along with any dirt present on the carpet.
  • Vinegar, toothpaste, and baking soda: in bathroom doorways and under any rags near the bathtub, mold can be found. This can be easily removed along with its bad odor in just a few minutes. Take a bowl full of vinegar and add 1 spoon of baking soda and some toothpaste, to it. Mix well and apply this solution in the place where mold has developed. Cover the full area with this solution and let it rest for 15 minutes. After that take a soft brush and start rubbing the surface and after that put some water on it to make it properly clean. Make sure to dry the carpet after you’ve done cleaning.
  • Shredded potato: this method will be useful if you have dropped some oil on your carpet. To get started you need to shred some potato on the place where oil was spilled. Let the potato shreds stay there for at least 1 hour. After that, you need to scrub the area with the help of a brush. Rub it thoroughly so that the starch breaks the oil molecules. Now remove all the shreds and take a paper towel to properly remove anything that has been left there. All the oil will be gone in no time.
  • Vinegar and soap: if you ever want to get rid of juice stains, no matter if they are old or new, you can easily take care of them with the help of vinegar and soap solution. Shred a soap or detergent in a bowl and then add some vinegar to it. Also, make some tissue paper balls too. Mix this well and let it stay for 10 minutes. Now apply this mixture to the stained area and put the paper balls over it. Let this stay for 5 minutes and after that when you lift the paper balls, you will notice juice stains are lifted. After this take a damp rag and rub the area to remove what’s left there.
  • Hair spray: if you ever dropped nail paint on your carpet, then you would know that how difficult it is to get it off the carpet. But there’s a carpet cleaning hack that will help you in getting rid of these stains. Just take your normal hair spray bottle and spray it over the nail paint spill stain. Leave it there for 3 minutes and then take a spoon to scrape away the nail paint. Nail paint will come off very easily and without any problem, your carpet will be stain-free.
  • Shaving foam: it is not easy to keep your carpet clean if you have kids in your home. You can’t keep kids from stepping on the carpet with their shoes. No matter how careful you are, they always end up ruining the carpet. You cant always start cleaning the carpet using orthodox methods. So for cleaning footprints on your carpet you need shaving foam. Over the dirty spots, apply shaving foam and leave it untouched for 5 minutes. After that scrub it with the help of a brush so that it can properly penetrate through the fibers. Finally, take a damp cloth to remove the foam from the carpet. After this let it dry on its own and you will notice the stain is gone.

Why is my carpet still dirty after cleaning?

This is a commonly asked question asked by people to Carpet Cleaning Hobart executives. There are many reasons due to which this thing happens and it is a common phenomenon nowadays. Here are 3 reasons due to which your carpets look dirty even after you’ve cleaned them:

  • Adoption of DIY cleaning: many people try to clean their carpets by looking up internet cleaning methods that are either incomplete or incompetent. If you don’t follow the steps properly then you may end up making your carpet look even worse after cleaning.
  • Soap applied more than needed: if the amount of cleaning soap or solution is beyond what’s required, can also be bad for carpet. The shampoo or soap used to clean the carpet can harm the carpet if it is not washed out properly. The soap that remains intact in the fibers of your carpet starts to collect dirt and dust very fast and it becomes very difficult for you to keep it tidy.
  • Quality of shampoo or soap used. Some people are of the view that carpet can be cleaned just like any other cloth. All you need is any kind of shampoo or soap and the carpet will be cleaned. But in actual if you use normal detergent or soap for cleaning carpet, it won’t work properly. Carpets can only be cleaned properly with the help of carpet cleaning solutions, specially built for cleaning your carpets.
  • Stains that are deep inside the carpets. It might surprise you but if you let a stain sit there for a long time then the stain can reach the backing of your carpets. If the backing of your carpet is stained then it won’t be easy to get it cleaned. To clean it you need to use special cleaners and professional help. Otherwise even after cleaning the carpet will look very dirty.

Should you shampoo your carpet until the water is clear?

shampoo your carpet

The answer to this question is definitely yes. If the water is black or even grey after you have cleaned your carpet then it means the carpet is still dirty. That’s why before shampooing the carpet make sure that all the solid and heavy dust particles are removed by vacuuming. If the vacuuming is not done properly then it becomes very difficult for you to clean the carpet. The shampoo used to clean your carpet is not meant to deal with heavy dust particles. It is used for cleaning the carpets deeply, which means cleaning the carpet beyond its surface. So you can shampoo your carpet 2-3 times till the water is clear. If even after shampooing the water isn’t clear then there must either be some problem with your carpet cleaning equipment or the shampoo used for carpet cleaning was not of suitable quality. One way or the other, the color of the water after cleaning the carpet will certainly indicate whether the job is done properly or not.

You can clean your carpets if you know what kind of carpet you have and which chemicals will be good for cleaning them. But if you’re not sure how to do the cleaning work then you must not take your chance and call professionals like Hobart Clean Masters. Carpet Cleaning Hobart workers have been working in the field of carpet cleaning for many years now and know exactly what are the needs of people and how to fulfill them in the best way possible. You will notice that we are not just efficient in our work but we also provide our services at a very reasonable price. No matter what kind of carpets you have or where you live, Carpet Cleaning Hobart executive will visit you and clean your carpets in no time. So remember next time when you are in a need of carpet cleaning, we are only one call away.